S.E.A.I Grants

Is My House Eligible For The S.E.A.I. Grant?

There are different types of houses in Ireland, some of them are suitable for the External Wall Insulation some are not.

The best way to find out whether your house is suitable for the External Wall Insulation and eligible for the grant is to fill in an online Request Form and we will answer you just within an hour!

S.E.A.I Grants

S.E.A.I Grants for Your Home

There are different ways to make your home warm and energy efficient. Upgrade our residential energy efficiency options and S.E.A.I. Grant.

If you are upgrading efficiency of your home energy or just looking to invest in renewable energy for your home, you may need SEAI grant. SEAI grants are payments made to help home owners with the cost of solar panels, insulation and many more. 

To qualify for SEAI grants under the Free Energy Upgrade Program, home owners must meet the four criteria: The home must be home owner’s primary residence and owned property. The house was built before 2006. It must also have been inhabited before that date. The house has an energy rating of C, D, E, F or G.  

SEAI grants allows you to choose the home improvement jobs to be done, select the registered contractor and do the home improvement work by home owners themselves. It is important to note that although home owners are no longer responsible for the grants, they still must await grant approval before beginning the project. You can choose from any of the following upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money on your energy bills:

S.E.A.I Grants S.E.A.I Grants S.E.A.I Grants S.E.A.I Grants S.E.A.I Grants S.E.A.I Grants 

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